We help organizations build intellectual properties and customer loyalties by enhancing security

Threatbar help organizations to aggregate bugs through manual penetration testing done by Threatbar internal security testing team or researchers from trusted Threatbar researcher community from across the globe. It also gives you the ability to upload your vulnerability scanners reports and gives an aggregated view of your security landscape.

Global, Intuitive and Intelligent platform


Global Researcher Community

Threatbar researchers come from across the globe and work towards a common goal of enhancing IT security of the organizations through responsible vulnerability disclosure. Our community members are security enthusiasts, testers, auditors, analysts, software developers and QA specialists

Easy and Intuitive Platform

Threatbar platform provides easy process of project creation, bug aggregation and prioritization features. Our platform is intuitive and has easy user interface. It provides advanced ability of vulnerability management like tracking progress, notifications, status update among many other intelligent features

Quick and Quality Intelligence

Threatbar is committed to customer success. Our machine learning based analysis of security bugs aggregated like potential duplicates, Threat Index provide clients with detailed and quality information. This help clients in understanding their security risks and thereby prioritizing the bug remediation

Threatbar Products and Services

Crowd Test Aggregation

Test your assets by collaborating with Threatbar global security researcher community along with the mandatory QA and review process of submitted bug reports.

Compliance Test Aggregation

Test your assets by Threatbar team to comply with various security standards like PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX etc. Includes Scanner Test Aggregation module.

Scanner Test Aggregation

Scan yourself and upload xml files or schedule your scans with Threatbar team for multiple applications or network ranges and assign to your team for remediation.

How It Works

  • 01
    Client launches Threatbar Worldwide or Threatbar Select Tests
  • 02
    Researcher receives the project notification
  • 03
    Researcher submits the bug through the Platform
  • 04
    Threatbar QA team reviews the bug and submits it to Client
  • 05
    Client evaluates and remediates the bug
  • 06
    Reward to the Researcher
  • 01
    Threatbar team helps client in shortlisting Crowd Test or Compliance Test or Scanner Test Aggregation Tier
  • 02
    Client launches single or multiple projects with different tiers
  • 03
    Client aggregate vulnerabilities from manual tests (submitted by crowd or Threatbar team) and multiple scanners by uploading files
  • 04
    Client workflow management of bugs through Threatbar platform to assign, prioritize and comment on individual bugs
  • 05
    Client team track progress and remediate open bugs
  • 06
    Save cost, fast track bug remediation and reward to the researchers (in case of crowd tests)

We understand both
enterprises and startups

Whether an enterprise or start-up, both are busy and always innovating. Robust applications and intellectual property are key to their success. Threatbar help start-ups and enterprises to focus on innovation and assist them with testing of security flaws. We understand that security teams in enterprises and start-ups can operate nimble and may need some hand-holding to successfully test their applications in a shortest possible time. Threabar team will assist you in selecting the right service tier.

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