Threatbar Story

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We help organizations build intellectual properties and customer loyalties

With the technology innovation happening at an incredible pace, organizations today have to manage security vulnerabilities and risks as they all impose different and prominent challenges. To add to this all the organizations globally have limited number of employees and security skill-sets to test these vulnerabilities.

Threatbar help organizations to aggregate bugs through manual penetration testing done by Threatbar internal security testing team or researchers from trusted Threatbar researcher community from across the globe. It also gives you the ability to upload your vulnerability scanners reports and gives an aggregated view of your security landscape. Being a subscription based platform as a service (PaaS), Threatbar gives companies various options to accelerate their IT security objectives and keep their costs at optimal level.

A Platform for the wish-list:

  • “I scan my applications and networks with multiple scanning tools. Wish I could see the results together on a bug management tool and collaborate with my team”
  • “Wish I could get my application tested by 100-200 security researchers so that I know all the security bugs in my application”
  • “For me age of vulnerability is most important, and I need to know who in my team is working on it and what actions has he taken till now”
  • “Wish I could know the Threat Index of my applications and networks and take corrective actions”
  • “I have invested in some tools already and want to use the results of those tools with other security tests”
  • “I would like to prioritize my security risks because some bugs need to be remediated on priority irrespective of their severity level"

Threatbar DNA:

  • ONLY platform to bring together myriad of vulnerability scanning tools, trusted researcher community and organizations together
  • Based on machine learning model to aggregate and analyze
  • Bug aggregation from large number of security scanners
  • DIFM (do-it-for-me) options of Threatbar Worldwide, Threatbar Select, Compliance Test and Scan Scheduler / Aggregator
  • Manage the workflows, tasks, notifications of vulnerability reports to encourage team collaboration
  • Global reach through partners and researchers