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Different industries have disparate objectives to improve IT security. Threatbar platform assists organizations from sectors like


Financial Services




Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology and Service Providers

Travel and Hospitality

Clients across different sectors can aggregate bugs using Threatbar. The aggregation can be done from manual security penetration tests (done either by crowd or by Threatbar internal) and from multiple vulnerability scanner reports being used by the organizations. Using Threatbar proprietary algorithms, clients can also see their Threat Index on a scale of 1 to 10.

Threatbar bug submissions reports go through the mandatory QA process before being handed over to client. This provides the benefit of quality and detailed findings of each vulnerability being identified and presented to client from myriad of different applications like web, mobile, embedded, database, communication applications etc

Almost all traditional penetration tests are based on sampling methodologies and Threatbar changes this paradigm by bringing large groups of security researchers to test each application and encouraging collaboration to find more vulnerabilities and any possible exploits.

Threatbar Worldwide and/or Threatbar Select can be launched depending on security objectives of each organization i.e. ongoing tests of public facing applications, test before production release, limited visibility enterprise applications, introduction of new infrastructure etc.

Threatbar platform is created to assist organizations with aggregation, discovery and prioritization of all the security bugs. Different tiers are available so that clients can scale as per their security test requirements.