Threatbar Compliance Test Aggregation

Threatbar allow clients to run multiple projects or application tests for compliance security testing. These tests assist not only in securing your applications and networks but also showcase your compliance to various security standards like PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX etc. Clients can fortify their results of manual tests with security scans performed through various security scanners either by their own internal teams or by Threatbar team.

Clients can aggregate security bugs across multiple applications and networks and manage each one of them in variety of ways by using multiple features available on Threatbar platform. Clients can also subscribe to additional testing as and when needed.

Features available to clients are:

  • Dashboard to view overall metrics across various programs and projects
  • Intelligent workflow management of vulnerabilities reported
  • Tracking progress, status alerts, querying across different bugs assigned to different users in an organisation
  • Find potential duplicates within bugs aggregated from multiple scanners
  • Auditor friendly view to showcase penetration tests and vulnerability scans across multiple projects i.e. applications and networks

How It Works

  • 01
    Threatbar team works with the client in creating Security Compliance Test Project for the defined scope
  • 02
    Threatbar Researcher bugs submission and QA through the platform
  • 03
    Client or Threatbar team add vulnerability scanner reports to further aggregate bugs
  • 04
    Client workflow management of bugs through Threatbar platform to assign and track progress of open bug reports
  • 05
    Client team remediate the bugs
  • 06
    Issue of final security test report to client