Scanner Test Aggregation

Threatbar provides bug aggregation feature. Clients can aggregate security bugs from various vulnerability scanners onto the platform. Threatbar supports various vulnerability scanning tools and upon uploading your xml files, clients can see all the bugs in an ‘inbox’ like central repository.

The aggregation feature allows following capabilities –

  • List of all the aggregated vulnerabilities across multiple applications and networks
  • Filters to slice and dice the data. Threatbar has 28 filters to manage and analyze your vulnerability data
  • Vulnerability management workflow to assign, prioritize and comment on individual bugs
  • Review open, closed and in-progress remediation bugs
  • Fast-track your vulnerability remediation by Threatbar algorithms to identify potential duplicates
  • Know your Threat Index with trained data algorithms

How It Works

  • 01
    Client creates Scan Aggregator projects
  • 02
    Client submits the project to Threatbar for approval before uploading scan reports
  • 03
    Upon approval, client uploads xml files of various vulnerability scanners
  • 04
    Client workflow management of bugs through Threatbar platform to assign and track progress of open bug reports
  • 05
    Client team remediates the bug