Threatbar Crowd Test Aggregation

Threatbar is a platform where clients can list one or multiple projects or applications for crowd security testing. Researchers empanelled with Threatbar globally will be able to participate in these projects depending on the tier of the crowd test. This platform provides the benefit of reaching out to the global community of trusted researchers to test the applications.

Worldwide Program and Select Program subscription tiers are available for Crowd Test Aggregation –

A. WORLDWIDE PROGRAM - Offered to entire Threatbar researcher community with QA service

B. SELECT PROGRAM - Offered to selected researchers from the community with QA service

Threatbar team works with the clients closely to assist in the launch of the program. Threatbar platform provides following features to the clients

  • Dashboard to view overall metrics across various programs and projects
  • Intelligent workflow management of vulnerabilities reported
  • Tracking progress, status alerts, querying across different bugs assigned to different users in an organisation
  • Threatbar team QA and phased invitation options to help manage the flow of vulnerability reports and enable quick remediation action internally
  • Manage Researcher communication and rewards

How It Works

  • 01
    Threatbar team works with the client in shortlisting Threatbar Worldwide or Threatbar Select
  • 02
    Client launches Threatbar Worldwide or Select Test
  • 03
    Researcher receives the project notification
  • 04
    Researcher submits the bug through the Platform
  • 05
    Threatbar QA team reviews the bug and submits it to Client
  • 06
    Client workflow management of bugs through Threatbar platform to assign and track progress of open bug reports
  • 07
    Client team remediates the bug
  • 08
    Reward to the Researcher